Day-long Courses

The 2013 Partnerships against Poverty Summit will feature comprehensive and enriching Day-long Courses that will take place before the Summit on October 7th & 8th, 2013. Day-long courses are not covered under the general registration fee. Each training will carry an additional fee of $100 and only a limited number of spaces are available. Below you will see the Day-long Courses available for Summit participants. Click on the titles to learn more. If you have any questions, contact us at

Propose your own Day-long course

We invite you to submit a Day-long course proposal and take advantage of the already established platform that the Summit can provide! To submit a proposal, please click here.  
Day-long courses on October 7, 2013

Making Microfinance Work: Managing for Improved Social Performance

Organized by: Margarita Layalan, Senior Program Officer (Microfinance), International Training Center of the ILO, Italy

Introduction to Poverty Measurement using the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI)

Organized by: Ana Herrera, Program Officer, Grameen Foundation, Philippines Cris Lomboy, Asia PPI specialist, Grameen Foundation, Philippines  
Day-long courses on October 8, 2013

Health and Microfinance Partnerships against Poverty

Organized by: D.S.K. Rao, Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Microcredit Summit Campaign, India Marcia Metcalfe, Director, Microfinance and Health, Freedom from Hunger, USA Marife O. Pabulayan-Abela, Microfinance and Health Protection Program Officer, CARD MRI, Philippines

Analyzing Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) Data using the Poverty Outreach Report

Organized by: Aya Silva, Senior Program Officer, Grameen Foundation, Philippines Cris Lomboy, Asia PPI specialist, Grameen Foundation, Philippines

Impacting Poverty Housing through Partnerships: Developing a successful Housing Microfinance Product

Organized by: Jennifer Oomen, Housing Finance Manager, Habitat for Humanity International, Philippines Rajan Samuel, Housing Finance Manager, Habitat for Humanity International, Philippines

Remittances and Microfinance Partnerships: Day-Long Course for MFIs Working on Remittance Products

Organized by: Gera Voorrips, Partner & Consultant, PHB Development, Netherlands Alexa Sanchez, Remittances and Research Expert, PHB Development, Netherlands Francesca Randazzo, Project Officer for the Inclusive Financial Services Department, ADA, Luxembourg Francesca Agnello, Program Manager, ACRA, Italy

Pioneering Small Scale Energy Finance through Innovative Partnership

Organized by: Arc Finance with support from USAID


  1. yes,the issues included in the daylong course is interesting & time worthy.The term poverty & its measurement is a technical term & need experience to do the task.I share the view that the courses helps to know the things much better than before.Dr.S.K.Rao is close to me & a competent man in this line

    Dr. Mihir Kumar Roy,Member of the council of practitioners of MCS,&Professor& Dean,
    Faculty of Business Administration, City University, Dhaka-1213,Bangladesh

    • Amanda Ortega says:

      Its great that you like our course offerings! We will be updating with a few more in the upcoming weeks.

      If you could choose any course offerings for the 2013 Summit, what topics would you hope to see??

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