Request for Proposals

Submit your Expression of Interest to organize a workshop by July 12th!

The 2013 Partnerships against Poverty Summit will provide an effective learning environment through engaging workshop sessions.

We need your help in making this Summit a more inclusive space where in-depth conversations about the challenges and opportunities take place and new partnerships that allow us to innovate and move people out of poverty are established and existing partnerships are strengthened.

Through this workshop proposal, we would like you to use the idea of “Partnerships against Poverty” to showcase partnerships that you and your peers have engaged in to address the multiple dimensions of poverty. In order to effectively address the needs and challenges of those living in poverty, organizations need to identify opportunities for collaboration that allow them to extend their products and services.

To fill out the Request for Expression of Interest online, please click here. If you need to submit this via email, download a Word version of this form here.

The learning methodology should be engaging and seek input from the audience. For example, you could use formats like TED Talk, PechaKucha, Learning Story, Debate, Oxford Style Debate, World Cafe, Interview, Fishbowl, Open Space Methodology, or 20 Questions. Click here to download a version of our Format & Presentation Guide to learn more about the recommended formats.

If you have any questions, contact us at


  1. Bhagbati Chaudhary says:

    When will exact time for panelist and can we get scholarship for panelist

  2. Khadi I Sesay says:

    We wish to mobilise other participants to form a deligation from different organisations to attend the summit under Network AID and we wish to apply for scholarship for Network AID volunteer or staff only. Is it possible?

    I are please to send in a workshop proposal as requested via tweeter.


  3. This was more inspirational that I extepced it to be. While Sam’s vision of microfinance for redemption is admirable, I’m personally a little confused about the ethical legitimacy of promoting the investor’s perspective in microfinance. There is a chance that traditional economics will push microfinance away from the social realm, but does the microfinance philosophy not have the ability to balance both dimensions (social and financial)? Provided the clients are fleeced with high interest rates, is it not okay to make a profit (through efficiencies)?

    • Amanda Ortega says:

      These are very interesting and key questions. We hope you bring this insight to the 2013 Summit.

      We look forward to seeing you in Manila!

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